Pastor Lawrence Bush

Summer Vacation – two of the most beautiful words on the planet when you’re a school kid.  
Do you remember counting down the days until summer vacation – growing more distracted
by the day?  I don’t recall that my Mom ever got that pumped about it, but I sure did love
Summer Vacation from school!

Finally the magical, long-awaited day would arrive and we’d burst out of the school with plans
and promises of the exciting stuff we would do during those ‘lazy, crazy days!’  NO more
schedule. NO more homework. NO more early mornings.  Three long months of irresponsible
bliss awaited us, and we were beyond ready!  Our joy and freedom knew no bounds!

How long has it been since you got that excited about something in your life?  How long since
you’ve made plans to do something just for fun?

Like any good Father, God delights in our happiness and well-being.  He longs for us to spend
time with Him reading His love letter – the Bible.  He longs for us to talk with Him – in Prayer.  
That’s stuff we know already – we’ve been told since we were kids.

The Bible also tells us that God has given us “all things to enjoy.”  As our Creator, God knows
that we need occasional refreshment.  We need to get away and do something new and fun.  
The best way to renew and revive our minds is to relax and focus on something other than the
ordinary.  We become more alive in our dealings with our families and our friends – and even
with God – as we step back and re-focus our minds on what is truly important to us.  Priorities
can be reset.  We can redirect our lives to recognize what has eternal value.

Summer Vacation – put some plans together, and decide what you’ll do to refocus your life and
renew your mind today!  Your Father will be very pleased!
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