Dear Family and Friends :

Greetings, may the Lord bless you and keep you safe in His loving arms. My
name is Ann Dold. Some of you know me personally and from the Ladies of
Honor program in Muskegon County. I am writing to you about an opportunity I
have to go on a mission trip to Africa. I was asked by Steve Yoder If I would like
to go on a mission trip to Africa. Hum… I think it took me about two seconds to
say I would love to go on a mission trip. It’s a place I never been and I believe
in giving back, volunteering and helping others. At that moment I thought what
an opportunity to go to another country and experience what it is like there. I
have enclosed a brochure with all the details of the trip and dates.
Also, as I was thinking about the trip that first week after I heard about it I could
not get my grandson Kaidrick off my mind. Kaidrick is also in the Men of Honor
program at Mona Shores Middle School.
One of his friends Ian Berry is living in Africa, (his parents Ben and Esther Berry
their home will be our home base for our stay in Africa).  I was thinking I wish
he was older so he could go on the trip, Kaidrick is 12. I decided to just go
ahead and ask if they would consider him, to go on this mission trip and they
said yes. I talked with Kaidrick after they said yes he could go and explain that
this is a mission trip and gave him details and told him he would have to do his
part both here and in Africa if he chooses to go. He decided he really would like
to go.
But we all know there a difference between wanting to do something and really
do something about it. First I believe and which should and will always be at
the top of my list is if the Lord wants me to go He will provide and open up a
•        Are you a pray warrior? Please pray for those who are going to listen to
the Lord to do the things He wants us to do there. Pray for the people we will
meet and be helping. Pray for our safety and health during our travels.
•        Kaidrick and I are both willing to work for the money we need to be able
to go. If you have work that you need done please call me and we will set up a
time to come. My number is 231-670-3709.
•        If you would just rather help sponsor any amount we would be thankful
for $5, $10, $20, $50, $100. You can make the checks out to Steve Yoder or me.
•        IF you have any questions about the trip you may also contact Steve
Yoder or me.
We are excited about the trip and look forward to all the Lord has planned for
us. Thank you!!


Ann Dold
Kaidrick Smith
Help Sponsor Ann Dold's and
Kaidrick's Mission to Africa
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