Black Creek Bible Church

Black Creek Bible Church Friends and Family:

In response to the current situation regarding the Covid-19 Virus, the
church’s stance is as follows:

We have temporarily suspended all church services and
activities  at Black Creek Bible Church.

You may still give by placing your donations in an envelope and
sliding them through the front doors of the church or mail them to:
Black Creek Bible Church, 2651 Heights Ravenna Rd,
Muskegon, MI  49444.

First of all, we love our church family, and encourage you to make your
health your priority.  If you feel ill or experience a runny nose, sore
throat, cough, fever, or difficulty breathing, please do not venture out,
but stay home and away from any additional illness that may be ‘out
there’.  We encourage you to take the precautions suggested by the
CDC and use good old common sense when protecting yourself from

Church messages will continue, but with the following variations from
the norm: We will still have the messages on our website as usual. We
will be posting videos of the messages online on our Parler, Rumble,
Facebook Groups or Youtube page. Use the links on the home page or
click on the icons below.

Above all, I want you to remember that our great God is in complete
control, and we will not succumb to any fear factor.  He knows our
every step both now and in the future and we trust Him completely.  
Again, I encourage you to use good common sense in your activities
over the next few weeks, and take advantage of this unique opportunity
to let all the folks in your world know that all of our hope and trust is in
Jesus Christ, Whom to know is life eternal!

You are Loved!

Pastor Bush